Check whether someone is here or away

You can check a user's status in the user list in the right sidebar.

  • A green circle () means the user is “active” — they have interacted with Zulip in the last few minutes, and have Zulip open on their computer.

  • An orange half-filled circle () means the user is not active, but has Zulip open on their computer.

  • A white circle () means the user does not have Zulip open.

You can also view a user's status by clicking on their profile picture in the main message feed.

If you have messaged users in a group PM, their names will appear at the bottom of the right sidebar. In that case, a green circle () means all users in the group are active. A pale green circle () means that some are active and some are not. A white circle () means that none are active.

Small windows

The right sidebar only appears in windows more than 1025 pixels wide. You can also move the user list to the left sidebar.