Emoji reactions

Emoji reactions allow you to react to messages with fun little emoji. Any emoji can be used as a reaction, including custom emoji. Reactions appear in little boxes underneath the message.

Add an emoji reaction

  1. Hover over a message to reveal three icons on the right.

  2. Click the smiley face () icon.

    For messages that you sent, click the down chevron () and then Add emoji reaction.

  3. Select an emoji. Type to search, use the arrow keys, or click on an emoji with your mouse.

If someone has already added a reaction, you can just click or tap on it to second the reaction.

See who reacted to a message

Hover over an emoji reaction on a message to see who reacted with that emoji.

Remove an emoji reaction

Reactions you've added have a tinted background. Click or tap on a reaction you added to remove it.